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August 15, 2010
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Pokimono Application: Jun by RuTea Pokimono Application: Jun by RuTea
<div align="center">(I also have to scan&add the reference for the back of her obi later. It's quite different.)

EDIT : I'm going to change a lot of this soon. SO... ER... ASK ME FOR DETAILS IF YOU WANNA RP TIL I CHANGE IT, ASDSFSGS. /Facepalm

She has a formspring, like all the cool people. Visit her there~? :D [link]

Name: Jun Minami

Pokemon: Venomoth

Age: 17

Village: Sky Village

Job: Priestess

Ability: Shield Dust (Jun always seems to be covered by dust mysteriously forming in her "wings". This dust protects her from many ailments, albeit making things dusty everywhere she seems to go.)

Sleep Powder

"Little" Azami
Friendly people
Actually leaving something clean
Having fun

Rude people
Clean freaks (She doesn't dislike them technically, but they usually snap at her.)
Firm disbelievers
Perverts (She doesn't understand! :ohnoes:)
People who squish bugs. :(

Jun is, quite true to her name, a rather innocent and pure young lady. Upon impulse, if someone friendly approaches her she will try to make friends. She tries to make her best effort to be kind to other people unless when the situation is dire. Unless strongly provoked, she is an extreme pacifist and will try to escape violence by any means. Jun tends to be self conscious about her dusts, not wanting to upset people with the clean up (though that never goes well).
Jun doesn't understand many crude jokes, if any at all.
She has a sister complex over Azami, who luckily, accepts it. The mention of Azami, however, will make Jun slightly sad, remembering her position.
At least, that's her exterior...

Jun grew in a simple life near Sky Village without any parents, raised by a kind, young priest. It was through her upbringing she discovered the ways of a priest, and accepted them without a second thought. Living as a sort of hermit pair, she grew apart from others and remained a simple, pure mind. Her innocence earned her the name "Jun", hoping she would remain that way forever...
And trust me, for the most part, she has.
Three years or so ago, Jun came across a lost Azami one day while out playing and gathering herbs. She quickly made Azami's well being a top priority and returned home with her. They'd been nearly inseparable since, Jun often referring to the Lucario as her younger sibling. When Azami disappeared and couldn't return home, Jun subconsciously felt abandoned. With her optimistic nature, however, Jun steadily waits in silence for her sister's return...
One year after finding Azami, Jun's caregiver passed away prematurely, leaving the young girl to fend for herself and, in the process, wander off to the near Sky Village in hopes of a still peaceful life.

Additional info:
-The talisman hanging upon her obi reads "Jun", the same character for her name.
-The talisman itself is actually a strange type of pouch. It contains a dust with the purpose to put others to sleep (her Sleep Powder).
-Jun adores Blume from afar and wishes to someday get to know the Shaymin. (She doesn't have the guts, though.)
-Like many another young lady, she sometimes dreams about one day being married. (Though she has no clue about the many things that come with a relationship, mind you.)
-On another note, Jun doesn't know what a kiss is. Don't ask her, she'll be puzzled.
-The wings on her obi shimmer because of all the particles.
-Jun spends a good deal of her time collecting herbs for the shrine.

Azami-chama: Jun's little "sister". She misses her dearly and, despite knowing her good intention, feels slightly abandoned. They haven't yet met again since the mission.

Wendy: One of Jun's first friends as of now. 8D Met through... a cookie, sort of.

Hikari: The kind person who invited her to visit his tea house. :3 [[...She thinks he's a really pretty girl.]]

Hazu-kun: A samurai she recently met and became quick friends with; finds nothing wrong with his appearance.

Qiu-san: Jun fell in love with them and finds them "perfect" despite their claim of taint. :'D They live in the same shrine.

Kumiko:Acquaintances, Jun lead her around a shrine; Jun likes her... (But Jun likes everyone. OTL)

Yzabelle: Jun met Yzabelle and quickly aimed to become friends with this said-friend of Azami's. Jun can't help but gag at the woman's food combination, however. Yzabelle is also teaching Jun sign language.

Gaku: A Gengar Jun ran into that mentioned sweets to Jun... she likes sweets.

Kora:A timid woman whom asked Jun to help her pray to ease her brother's "pain."
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